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block internet access by MAC address all the time

I want to be able to block MAC addresses from accessing the internet but allow them to use the network.

I can do this in other router interfaces but the BT Home Hub 2.0 has a VERY un user friendly interface and will not allow advanced internet access or other settings to be modifyed to suit my needs.


I am at an intermediate level at understanding network equipment and an expert at residential networking.

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Re: block internet access by MAC address all the time

Not sure about the home hub 2, but on the home hub 1 you can use a "user defined" firewall setting to block access to a computer by specifying its IP address.


Source LAN

Interface  (address you wish to block)

Destination WAN

Service ANY

Action Deny


You can tell the home hub to always use this IP address for the device you are trying to block.


There is probably a similar setting on the home hub 2.


By default I block all Internet access for devices, then I have rules to allow HTTP, HTTPS, POP3 and a couple of others.

I also have UpnP disabled.

This prevents any computer on the network accessing any non-standard ports.


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