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blurry blocky skype video


Hello all

After coming back from holiday 3 weeks away in sunny Spain, I came back turn on my hub, connected back to the net.


Also had that time BT announced that they were via email


'We’re upgrading your local exchange to give you a better service'


The only time I use the internet is to connect my son who lives in Japan. I phone him on skype just twice a weeks speaking on an average of 20-40 minutes per time


My average monthly usage is 3.23 GB of the 10GB that I can use.


I just use Video skype nothing else. I dont browse the net I just use skype video. 


Here is the problem. He can see me perfectly but when I recieve his video  it isnt sharp its a bit blurry. 

(before it was crystal clear) It says that


So he went to phone his friend via video skype and he said his picture, recieving and sending are crystal clear and so something is wrong with my computer.


On my side the skype connection say sending is good. and recieving video is bad


but on my sons side it says sending video is bad and recieveing video is good


what can I do for the picture to become clear again?



thanks in advance



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Re: blurry blocky skype video


You may well have a very slow BB, can you visit and post back your results

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Re: blurry blocky skype video

Have you checked your broadband speed?

Try this link for a quick check.

BT Wholesale speed tester

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