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broadband data allowance



I have been on broadband for six months at 10 gigabyte allowance.  For the first four I was able to keep to just under 9 gb but last two have been going over.  The only thing different is I now post six photos per month and my upload usage is 1gb.  Is this usual for six photos?  otherwise I read the news and send a few emails.  I do not up or download any movies but occasionally watch a few youtube or news feed videos lasting less than two minutes each.  I also spend a lot of time on Argos.  But I am puzzled that six photos and approx 20 emails per month come to 1gb.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Ta.

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Re: broadband data allowance

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This page may help.

Why is my broadband usage so high?

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Re: broadband data allowance

It depends on how big those six photos are.  Assuming they were uploaded to your computer before you sent them, you should be able to see their size in Windows Explorer - or the equivalent on MacOS or Linux.  However, encoding binary data to send it over email does incur an overhead, so you'd need to allow about 25% extra.


But unless you're sending really high resolution photos in an un-compressed format, 1GB seems a bit unlikely.


That 1GB will be everything your computer sends to the internet in a month, not just "uploading" in the usual sense.  Even surfing the web can bump up that counter as your computer has to send a request for every web page, and every graphic on every page.  You can find that your upload usage is over 5% of your download usage, just in normal web surfing.


Be aware that things can change un-noticed.  Computers and gadgets auto-update themselves and install security patches behind the scenes.  YouTube videos have been getting higher resolution over recent years, which means much more data, and so on.



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