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broadband doesn't work and BTP15000 BTP15990 errors on Youview

Errors BTP-15000 and BTP-15990

When setting up the youview box and opening the BT player, I get an error code BTP-15000 (on initial setup) or BTP-15990 (when trying to open BT Player). Customer support do not know what to do and have referred it to another technical department.
A search of previous topics shows others are seeing errors BTP-15000 and BTP-15990. But none of the threads show how to solve it. It seems moderators/employees deal with each case individually.  The IP the youview box was trying to connect to was not my IP.

For your guide... 
The youview box is connected to hub with ethernet cable. 
I have done a factory reset on the youview box
I have factory reset the hub
All youview software and apps are up to date
I can see all freeview channels. I cannot see any BT Sport channels (I am subscribed)
I cannot access the BT Player... that is when I get the error 15990. 


To compound the issue my broadband has now decided to stop working.  I called the support number and apparently nothing can be done for me though apparently (despite working perfectly before) this is linked to the TV issue.  So far the service has been wholly unacceptable.



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Re: broadband doesn't work and BTP15000 BTP15990 errors on Youview

Hi @sw280 I've moved your post to the broadband section as the loss of your broadband service is most likely the cause of the BTTV error codes. Sorry that your broadband is not working and this is affecting your BTTV service. 

You mention that you are not connecting on the correct IP for your service. Are you receiving your incoming calls OK? 


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