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broadband dropping issues

i've been with BT for about a year now and have had issues from day one.


more recently, my internet connection keeps dropping and router keeps restarting its self. i was getting 4mb download speed and know get about 5 to 6mb.


i notice that the phone was not working and when i tried pulling teh phone socket out, but couldnt, it was firmly stuck in, after yanking the cable i have now damged the socket where the phone needs to be plugged into


my question is why does my router keep restarting? the router firmware has been updated last month. could this be the filter and is so where can i purchase another. or can i use a normall filter

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Re: broadband dropping issues

if you have no dial tone then you need to find out why as that could be reason for slower speed - phone needs both wires connected but broadband will work with just one but slower


not sure what you mean by normal filter - any adsl filter will do


can you take of the bottom half of msaster and connect filter to test socket and see if dialtone and also connect router and see if that helps

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