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broadband speed less than 1mbps


My broadband speed is less than 1mbps, it was not that bad at beginning of Junes, and then one day (about 5 Junes) the hub suddenly became orange flash light (sometimes turn back blue light but immiately turn back to flash orange light) and this keep happens around a week. After that week, the blue light came back, but then the internet speed became unbelievably slow. 

I can't even load up a google or facebook after that, sometimes can, but it took me 2-5 minutes to wait for a website come up.

At the moment, i am paying 30pounds per month, but 30 pounds for a 0.5mbps internet? and nothing really to browse by using this internet speed. Which is not acceptable. 

I hope there's anyone can help to solve this problem.

Many thanks

Kind regards

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Re: broadband speed less than 1mbps

Can you post stats from your hub. If hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information 

if hh5 then troubleshooting then helpdesk 

enter your phone number and post results. Remember delete number

try quiet line test dial 17070 option 2 should be quiet and best done with corded phone 

are you using test socket with a filter to see if that helps

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