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bt cloud data use

Can someone help explain this to me. I use BT cloud on my mobile only. I have it set to back up through Wi-Fi only to save on data use. In the app settings I have noticed it was set to use data in background allowed. Last night I was not using my device at nor had I been using bt cloud at all recently however when I went to my phone it had used 12gb of my data in background use. Nothing has been backed up the cloud. Can someone explain what this 12gb of data use in the background would have been. Thanks
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Re: bt cloud data use

Hi @stevenm32

The best people to speak to would be the online chat team who can look into what data has been used, only the moderators can see your accounts so nobody would be able to post what happened to your account.  Once you have spoken to the chat team, if its not been resolved we could ask someone else to have look into it for you. 

BT Mobile Online Chat


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