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bt desktop items dont work

i have just upgraded to bthome hub 3 and the desktop icons dont work relating to bt yahoo although thankfully i get the home page by opening the internet explorer icon. slight niggle but anoying.

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Re: bt desktop items dont work

hi if you have installed the BT disc that was supplied with your hub the general feeling of forum users is to un install it as it can in some cases cause more problems than it cures however the choice is yours
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Re: bt desktop items dont work

John's right. If you still want a desktop link to BT Yahoo!, try some DIY.


1. Go to the home page, right-click the address bar, choose Copy.

2. Go to desktop, right-click in a blank area, choose New > Shortcut.

3. In the wizard, right-click and choose Paste.

4. Click Next and enter a name for the link. "BT Yahoo!" seems a good choice!

5. Click Finish.

6. Voilà!


By the way you can even change the icon if you want. Right-click it > Properties > Web Document tab > Change Icon > take your pick.

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