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bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

has anyone recieved the free printer and digital photoframe offer when you signed up to bt vision package yet i signed up to a package but as of yet have recieved no free printer or photo frame a few of my friends signed up on the same strength of free offer and they havent recieved anything yet either i emailed bt about it and recieved no reply i rang in and somebody said they  had emailed my request for the free equipment to the relevant department and still no equipment has arrived. im now at a loss on what to do ive tried bt and get passed around from india to the uk then india then uk then they fob me off HELP HELP HELP.

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Re: bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

Hi Juliancaine,


I'll be happy to see what the story is and go and hunt this down for you.


Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send to the email address in my profile and mark FAO Craig please.





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Re: bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

We too are having the same problem, we haven't received anything and no-one seems to be able to help on the helpline.  We went live with BT Vision on 9th November 2010 and as yet are still waiting for the printer/frame.  I presumed it was because of the christmas break but obviously not!!!

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Re: bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

I've received my photo frame (that came really quickly) but not the printer.  Please could someone investigate as I really need a printer sometime soon!!


Many thanks


Smiley Happy

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Re: bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

I too have had the same problem - I made my order on the 18th november, since then I recieved the digital frame but no printer. I've contacted BT both on the phone and online and frustratingly no-one can help? The free gifts were part of the reason I took the offer in the first place, really not sure I would have gone for it otherwise. Also was unaware that BT Vision package does not include free access to iplayers! unlike Sky and Virgin, looking back I've found BT marketing material on this subject very misleading.

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Re: bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

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Re: bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

i to like everyone else here ordered my bt package back in mid november and recieved my photo frame end of november begining of december but have still not recieved the printer i was promised in the offer.
I have on numerous occasions emailed the email address to try and chase this up but have only ever recieved a automated email saying they are out of the office at the moment ant will respond when they get back..... well they must be on some mission as that response is all i have benn gettiong now for the last month so i would love to work for there boss as mine certainly wouldnt allow me to pop out of the office and not return for over a month.

There does not seem to be any other people who can help with this and no contact numbers to try and sort it out so yets just hope someone on here knows who to contact and can get a good response on why were not recieving our printers.
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Re: bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

I also signed up & am using BT Vision, but have received no correspondence regarding the bt free printer and digital picture frame & have certainly not received either.

Sounds like there are many more people in the same situation.

Can BT please clarify.

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Re: bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

ive emailed craig and freeprinter offer email and still no printer or photo frame perhaps i will have no alternative to contact trading standards or watchdog at the bbc

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Community Manager
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Re: bt free printer and digital picture frame offer

Hi juliancaine,

Sorry about the wait, we have been very busy but will get back to you as soon as possible.

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