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bt home hub 5 for nvr / PoE IP cameras

Hi just got a new nvr box that is connected directly to the hub5 via ethernet.

Connected to the nvr box is two PoE (power over ethernet ip cameras)


The nvr box has a blue link light to show ethernet is active.


On the admin on the bt hub it won't show the device name or mac or ip ?? it knows there is something connected as it has 1 Gb/s (but no name below it)  ive reset the hub but still the same thing.

the cameras work directly to the nvr box, but its the external connection seems to be giving trouble.



The IP details on the nvr on the nvr

subnet mask

default gateway

first dns  (not sure what these are supposed to be ?)

second dns (not sure what these are supposed to be ?)


remote port 5050

http port 8080

multicast  < what is this ?

Multicast port 20880



Im trying to get it show i can access my nvr outside of my home via andriod app.

can someone in the know help me out 🙂

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Re: bt home hub 5 for nvr / PoE IP cameras

update, managed to get the nvr showing as a device via wifi ! but still nothing through ethernet

which ip address do a use to view remotely, my own public ip or the router ip ?
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Re: bt home hub 5 for nvr / PoE IP cameras

Public IP address.

Also see


You will also need to setup port forwarding.


There is an example for a Swann DVR here


Your settings will be different.



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