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bt ifinity speed problem

hi all have this fitted to my home now about 2 months ,im getting around 10mb some days ,most days after 6 pm i cant get online as it comes up conected to the network but limited access ,tonight i have had enuf with it ive been threw the bt problem solver that i got with the home hub 3 half way threw it  and the problem sorts its self out and the program ends,no sooner than this has been done it shuts down again ,very fustrating just about got a speed test done here and the results were 0.3mb on the 1/1/12 at 12.50am ,i also loose signal to my laptop ,desktop and iphone as well with no light coming on at the hub just the normal 3 blue lights ,i have rang the help desk and the lady was very helpfull the line tests came back as my net was fine and my desktop and laptop and i phone were all on limited conectivity ,my brother thinks i may have a intermitant problem with the hub its self but the fault with the conectivity is every evening around the same time and all the computers are affected so its not a problem with my laptop or that ,oh to add even if i plug the laptop into the hub i still have the limited conection ,


would be greatfull if could get some input on this as im that fed up with it now letting me down that i would have it removed and took of my bill ,looking forward to a reply on this many thanks



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Re: bt ifinity speed problem



I've been having problems over the last couple of weeks, it appears to be wireless interference with other users in your area (the engineer who came to me said things are likely to get worse with so many users going wireless). Try typing in bthomehub.home into your browser and following the instructions to change channels. You'll need your password which is on the pull out tab on your router. You'll have to use a speedchecker to verify if the channel change improves speed and try different channels (between 1-11 only for some reason). After a few days, I've now gone back to autoscan and all seems to be OK. If this doesn't work you may need an engineer to check you line and do as reset. Good luck with that, it took several attempts to get customer services to understand the issue. Make sure they understand you are an Infinity user.


Good luck


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Re: bt ifinity speed problem

I read somewhere recently (possibly on these forums) that problems may be faced over the Christmas period with interference from Christmas lights. If you've only been having problems since the neighbours put up their decorations then you should be fine by the end of the week.

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