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bt installation question

Hi there,



i am having bt infinity installed next wednesday and i have 1 question.



i live in a block of flats, where telephone wiring is dating back from the 70's, maybe late 60's, in my flat i have 1 black cable that comes from a feed (*plastic rounded shaped box*  outside my window - needs ladders to access it - about 8 meters high), goes through a drilled hole in my wall and into a very very old Type 52A connection box, and from this box another blue cable goes into my only mastered socket.


as you can all imagine this is very old stuff, and me and my wife can sometime experience noise on our bt line,its an ongoing thing and we've never been fussed about it because we don't use the landline a lot, but now we would like the line to work with the smallest amount of noise on it.


i have taken 2 snapshots for you to see about the quality of the cable and the junction box




My question is:  Do i wait till bt engineer comes to install infinity and ask him if it's possible to run the new master filtered socket directly from the black cable, getting rid of the old junction box ?


ideally we are wishing for a possible 5- 8 meter away relocation of the master socket running directly from the main cable with no old junction box in between, but as you can see from the picture that main black cable is too short and it requires ladders and the engineer to go out for a 5 minute job to run a new cable from the outside feed box near my window.. if this can be done it will result in a neat line reducing a lot of noise = a stable voice and internet connection.


or do i have to call/e-mail and pre-arrange it ? if yes any contact details ?, we really hope its not chargeable as its not our fault the wiring and the junction box are so old...


im looking for some advice in what to do in order to achieve this.


*we are bt line customers since 97 and never asked for any extras, but because we are now moving our internet from virgin to bt infinity, were thinking to get this done properly in the right time..



waiting for some advice,



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Re: bt installation question

Hi the engineer has to fit a new socket anyway for infinity so there should be no problems
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