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bt repair charges

i dont think it fair or right that bt can charge for repairs in the line in your home is rented  by us off them i have a bad crackle but i must suffer that because bt charges me and its money i dont have its a scam shouldnt be allowed i pay 19.50 a month line rental which i an RENTING OFF BT  so there for its their property  so they should pay all repairs no wonder they are loosing customers

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Re: bt repair charges

repairs are free up to the master socket providing the user has not damaged the master socket all extensions and equipment are the users responsibility also it is Openreach that supply the network and they charge BT Retail your provider for any work done so the charges are passed on the same is done by any other phone/broadband provider 


Also line rental is 14.60 per month not 19.50





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Re: bt repair charges

When an engineer visit is required, BT routinely tell the customer that there will be a charge if the fault is found to be beyond the master socket (ie in the customer's equipment or wiring). If you have mistaken that for being told that there will be a charge whatever the fault is, you wouldn't be the first.


(I take it that the line rental you quoted includes anytime calls.)

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Re: bt repair charges

They will also charge for the visit if they consider that their visit was wasted IE no fault was found.

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