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bt smarthub and 30th Nov Firmware update

has really not done my week off any good.

We ended up with a factory reset and re-entering the config manually. However,


  • now you cannot just disable WPS because the software refuses to let you update unless you change the wifi password from the factory default. This used to be allowed
  • the 2.4 band is unreliable and we get random dropouts. We ended up having to reconnect our sky q box to our bt mini hub. then that required a reconfiguration of the sky q miniboxes due to the rather strange way sky have of setting up the network which requires all the sky q mini boxes to use the same wifi network as the main box
  • the router will randomly decide that some device has connected using a static IP address. This causes absolute disaster when the device reconnects as it cant get a new one. If you are lucky, the router will spot it has disconnected (how I don't know. I can ping an IP address to find a device is down and get 'no reply' fine, but the router still considers it is active). Then you can delete the entry (annoying for other reasons because I have tried to name all the devices on my network). You can't delete it while it thinks the device is up, and you can't change it from static to dhcp, whether or not the dvice is up. You just get ignored
  • It takes a lot longer between the light going 'blue' and the internet actually being usable than it used to
  • And as for the time it takes to be able to access the smart hub manager.. It can be anything up to 5 minutes after the broadband is nominally up. I don't know if it needs the broadband to be up to manage it, I certainly hope not, but that is an incredible amount of time.


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