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bt smarthub traffic counters


I have a BT smarthub (BT Hub 6A) with latest SG4B1000B540 firmware.

I noticed something weird in the "advanced settings", "technical log" section: it shows I uploaded more data (102GB) than I downloaded (86GB). 

From the technical log page:

Data sent/received: 102540 MB Uploaded / 86303 MB Downloaded

For starters, this does not make sense if I look at my usage patterns. In the past I remember looking at the same values showing a ratio of 1 to 10 of the uploaded vs downloaded that makes sense considering I'm watching video streaming (NowTV and such). Having more upload than download does not make much sense, unless something is doing something on my home network I'm not aware of.

I also looked at the "advanced settings", "my network" page and there upload/download data for each individual device are shown; no device shows a behaviour that would explain the totals on the other page, all devices show a lot more downloads than uploads, allthoug the numbers on this page seem to refer to a different timeframe than the other page, since the totals are much bigger number (a single device is shown having dowloaded more than 1TB of data).

Are those counters (in either page) known to show bogus numbers???


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Re: bt smarthub traffic counters


Tried a software reset of the smarthub, then after 6 days it shows "43304 MB Uploaded / 37359 MB Downloaded".

But then, looking at the "advanced settings", "my network" page the sum of all uploaded data from each device is less than 5GB.

Are those counters bogus or am I missing something?

Do the counters in the "advanced settings", "technical log" include data from BTWiFi guests?

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