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I just spoke to BT about my contract which runs out today.

I'm paying £35 a month for Broadband and my mobile (on the £5 trariff).  My best option is to just get broadband unlimited which will cost me £15.49 and get my mobile phone from else where. I don't want to spend anymore than I ready am , which still gives me £20 to spend on another mobile phone contract. Though I may just get a pay as you go  sim, does anyone know if it is possiable to keep your phone number if you just get a sim? or will I have to take on a new contract if I do that?



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Port of number

Hi Trans6


It should be possible to PORT your telepphone number to another provider even if you convert to Pay & Go.


I would recommend converting to Pay & Go so that you dont loose your line number, cancelling may forefit porting facility!


Hope this helps

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Re: bye

You can't port 07777 numbers, others should be fine.

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Re: bye

This is an instance where we could do with access to the old beta forum.  Once the 'new phone deal' was announced many tried to port their BT number to other operators.  I cant remember which were the no-go operators, some were ok, others (was it Orange??) were not.


There was also an isue with BT customers who had ported their number to BT being ok with any network to port to, but original BT numbers had restricted portability.


We should never have binned the old beta forum. Smiley Sad

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Re: bye


@Allan_Quatermain wrote:snip

We should never have binned the old beta forum. Smiley Sad


WE didn't. Better not say anymore as rules may get broken!!



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Re: bye

Hi Luggworm


You can port 07777 numbers. Mine was done today. All you need to do is ask for your PAC and then ask for which operators have signed up with BT for number transfer and go for one of them. As most operators do not recognise BT as a provider you tell them its a Vodaphone number and then give them the PAC code which will start with BTM which identifies the phone as BT Mobile. Orange has signed up.

Now have a better phone and only costs me an extra £5 with a shed more minutes and txt.


Sorry BT but if you had come up with the VOIP goods, I would have stayed, but 6+ months is too long to wait.

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