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Re: cable to my cabinet

the dslchecker shows the FTTPoD is available to you but that is not the same as FTTP for home users.  FTTPoD is for business and you would be required to pay towards the installation which could be £1000s so the residential FTTP is not available as the dslchecker shows

if you are constantly dropping internet connection then is there any noise on your phone line when you try dialling 17070 option 2 using a corded phone

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Re: cable to my cabinet

So the automated system that holds data on your connection expects your speed to be between 55 - 35 and your getting 39.9. As such your actually getting what Openreach expects for your line.

The 'up to 80mbps' is exactly that. Its the maximum that the VDSL technology as used, but line length and condition of the line will affect it. It can be slightly misleading when you start the buying process but as you progress, as I remember, the expected speed for your individual line is given and your within it.

Basically your options are limited. Openreach actually own the line and the broadband kit so changing provider won't change the speed.

Its as good as I used to get on my line and a lot better than some who are still stuck on ADSL.
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