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call barring - cannot unlock

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I received a telephone call from my elderly Mother today - she is in a very distressed state. 


This morning she activated her call barring feature on her landline but is now unable to deactivate the feature. 


Last week she experienced a line fault for which an engineer callout was required.  The engineer traced the fault to the local exchange and corrected it.  So I am wondering if this has affected the call barring feature in particular the PIN.


She has tried to contact customer services using a nearby public telephone but was passed through a series of automated messages the last of which informed her that her landline number is not recognised by BT.  (This is a puzzle as I know her telephone package is with BT!) At which point my Mother became distressed and called me at my place of work. 


I have noted one suggested solution posted by Devon_Dave on the message boards which I will convey (that is to try the various unlock codes).  But to be honest what she really needs is to speak to someone from BT that is (a) human (b) live (c) based in the UK.  From the other messages posted it is not clear how to request a reset of the PIN. 


Unfortunately I cannot assist directly since I live some 170 miles from of her location.  I can assist if there is a web based solution.


Any suggestions to resolve the problem would be most welcome.



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Re: call barring - cannot unlock

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hi and welcome.

It is not possible to reset your Pin on line, if you do need assistance with the pin you will  i am afraid need to speak to an advsior, they will not be able to tell you the new pin number all they can do is post out a new one. You may be able to do this on behalf of your mother if you have her account number.

Going back to the original problem it is very unlikely that the engineer would have changed the pin as they are not able to do this.

What is the problem your mother is having, poss unable to dial certain calls?


One of the biggest mistakes customers make in trying to remove diverts is that they do not get dialtone on the phone prior to pressing the unlock code and pin

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Re: call barring - cannot unlock

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Hi cfam,


Welcome to the forums 🙂


I can sort this out but I'll need to get an email direct from your mother if possible?  Then as dave says I can get a new PIN sent out.


I'll need the BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send using the contact us form in my profile under the 'about me' section and mark FAO Craig please.



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Re: call barring - cannot unlock

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Hello Dave, Craig,


Thank you for your advice.  (Sorry for the late reply - just got back from work - I've had my 'head' in the clouds most of today.Smiley Very Happy


Just to update you - I spoke to my Mother this morning and asked her to try all the remaining options for the call barring.  The result was that for the 341 she received the message stating an incorrect pin was entered.  Now I know my Mother is using the correct PIN as she has it written down on the original documet she received when the service was first set-up.  The other options elicit a null tone.


Craig - I have the details you have requested.










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Re: call barring - cannot unlock

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It generally delpends on what type of exchange your mother is on.


I suspect that she would be on a 'Y' Exchange and the barring on this can lock if the PIN has been entered incorrectly three times.


It just needs resetting and this can be done by raising a fault through 151.



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Re: call barring - cannot unlock

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Just a wee update.


I was contacted by one of your colleagues, David, who - after a short delay - was kind enough to reset the PIN after I provided the details you had requested.  My Mother is now able to make outgoing calls again.  I have marked this as the accepted solution. 


In response to the comment made by caerdydd:  


Thank you for suggestion.  The technical information you have highlighted is useful.  However, using the fault reporting procedure you suggest was first tried by my Mother but she was informed that it was not an engineering fault and that she should contact customer services.  It was her attempt to pursue this route as a remedy that she became distressed - largely due to the automated telephone system in use to route the call. 


(From an HMI point of view - the problem with the automated response systems - such as the audio menu - is the classification of the options and the ability of the user to choose the correct response.  In addition, the audio instructions delivered by the telephone automated system has a higher cognitive loading when compared to the equivalent speech based system.  The cognitive load is a measure of how much information you need to remember, recall or recognise to perform a task.  Cognitive loading affects users in different ways - in general the older the user the greater the cognitive load. These two factors are essentially the cause of the frustration and the misdirection of the call.  The recent trend for using speech recognition systems doesn't help either - which I find frustrating.  However, I digress .....)


Thanks to all who have assisted.





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