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call diversion

what a confusing set up.

i have set up call divert to divert incoming landline calls but how on earth does it know which phone i want it diverting to? i cant seem to find any set up options to put a number to divert the calls to.

please advise.

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Re: call diversion

What type of divert have you got ont he line?


Is it a permanent admin controlled or customer controlled.


If it's the latter then you need to do the following


#21 * 01XXXXXXXXX# to divert.


where 01XXXXXXXXX is the number you wish to divert the calls to. 


If you try *#21# this will tell you what number the calls are diverted to and #21# will cancel the divert from the line.


You use 21 when you want to divert all calls on the line


To divert on busy (PET) then use 67 and on no reply you would use 61.

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Re: call diversion

Hey Everyone,

I've got Broadband Talk working & I've also got my main landline working.

What I want do for the family is to dirvert calls when Engaged/busy ONLY to the Broadband Talk number.

I'm hoping that this will stop calls been missed.


Could anyone help me do this please? I have tried the method above but all I get is an error.

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Re: call diversion

You can only divert calls from your normal landline if you are paying for the divert facility, if you are you would need to press* and then (in your case 67) then the phone number you want the call to go to followed by #.


I have listed all the divert codes below



  • 21 to divert all calls
  • 61 to divert calls you don’t answer within 15 seconds
  • 67 to divert calls when your phone is engaged

To take the divert off press #, then the code used above followed by #


A common fault for people putting on and taking off diverts is that they do not get dialtone on the phone 1st.

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