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calling features

How do I find out on my contact how many or what calling features I have and how do I find out how much additional calling features would cost - can't see anything on the website or on my calling plan - it says I have none but I use 1471 and 1571 reguarly.


Can't see any e-mail on the site for help to answer this question.


Also how do you know if you phone supports the various calling features?

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Re: calling features

Hi and welcome to the forum.

The features you mention are not really classed as calling features, these actually are:

Call Divert

Call Barring

Call Sign

Ring Back

Reminder Call

Call Waiting

3 Way Calling


They are shown on the here


As long as your phone is tone(aka MF) dialling and the recall is set to time break, you would be able to use the calling features.

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