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calling plan with mobile calls

Have had bt infinity installed and on letters from bt there is mention of a calling plan unlimited anytime and mobile plan anyone else heard of this

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Re: calling plan with mobile calls

I changed my call plan to add international freedom.  When I received a letter telling me about my order, it mentioned Unlimited Anytime and Mobile Plan. (fair usage of 1000 minutes).


I was intrigued so I called customer services and they were getting confused with the friends and family mobile.  I had to read out what was in the letter but they were still saying there is not mobile plan that offers free calls to mobiles.


I did a search on the net and someone in Scotland had received something from bt about a mobile plan with UK calls for £15 but I cannot find that anywhere.


Talktalk offer 500 minutes for £5 a month but I don't like talktalk. 


But just for information - I called BT to see if they could give me international call free like o2 home phone, BE  and sky if you take their anytime plan.  They couldn't match the others offers but I got the anytime plan reduced by £3 a month then add £5 for the international plan works out only an extra £2.  BT does allow more countries to call for free then the other providers.  The guy (Billy) said there is a fair usage of 600 minutes per month but on the net, I can't find where is states that.

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Re: calling plan with mobile calls

Just to let you know there is a limit of 600 minutes 10 hours on international freedom, which will be outlined in the t+c's sent out.


Also inregards to the mobile plan a small amount of customers a trailing an unlimited mobile plan at £5 if you have received a letter or leaflet regarding this you have to ring the number on the leaflet as they are the only people who can order it for you as its only availablle if you are selected.


However later on this year there will be a mobile saver plan introduced to all customers which inlcudes mobile calls.


Hope this helps

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Re: calling plan with mobile calls

BT have been sending out letters offering a calling plan including mobile calls to existing customers as part of a limited trial group for the past few months, I believe I heard somewhere that we can expect to see the product launched for general availability at the end of June/beginning of July. The idea is that, as mentioned in your letter, you get 1000 minutes of anytime calls to mobiles, and I believe the trial groups were being offered the service at about £10 a month. I make all my calls on my mobile anyway, but I can see how it would be very useful to lots of people.

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