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can rain and wind cause low broadband speed

My broadband speed has dropped to an absolute crawl " again". had similar problem 3 weeks ago when IP profile dropped to 135kbps from its usual 1.4mbps. i reported the problem, and it was eventually fixed.My throughput speeds reached a heady 2.0 mbps which I was very happy with.from working normally yesterday morning, the speed just suddenly dropped back to 135 kbps. we have been having high wind and rain, so was wondering could that have caused it. I have been on phone to India, and had to go through the usual ritual of being told it could be my wiring.If it works one minute, and then not the next with nothing changing at my end , how can it be my wiring. I cant run a speed test at moment , because it keeps returning an error message. I have enclosed router stats. Does anyone know how to check connection uptime on a belkin f5d8633-4 router, as I cant see anything on stats page.


router stats

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Re: can rain and wind cause low broadband speed

hi it sounds like you have had multiple disconnections that has reduced your Ip profile all you can do is sit tight for 3/5 while your profile restores remember do not restart you router during this time
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Re: can rain and wind cause low broadband speed

High winds could certianly cause intermittent problems.  If there is a loose joint or poor contact somewhere on the cable, then the blowing about could keep breaking the connection.

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