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can't reset BT mail password

Hello I know this has cropped up before but I couldn't find a solution, or even see a relevant reported resolution, so thought I would flag it again.


A few nights ago a friend said she had had a dodgy email (not) from me so I thought I should reset my password. It seemed to work, but then a few hours later it was not working. I reset it. And a few hours later, not working again. (In the meantime I spent about 40 minutes trying to get the new password to work on my iPhone but that's another issue...) Essentially I went around in circles for some time like this. Eventually it seemed to be ok. Then the next morning new password not accepted. Repeat.

So I probably, possibly, exacerbated things by repeatedly trying to reset my password, but it should surely be possible to do so if answer my security questions? Apparently not. At one point BT said that my laptop was insecure. My laptop that works with BT Broadband... so I tried on my desktop. Same problem without the security accusation.


After two stressful nights I contacted BT via online chat this morning. We (or he) spent nearly two hours trying to sort this, with him accessing my computer remotely. It still didn't work. (It was not helped by the connection failing for both chat and remote connection every few seconds.)


Not sure what to do now. Any suggestions? The prospect of another possibly fruitless few hours or more with the online chat thing does not thrill me, but nor does ringing up.


Should I just wait a while? I am now not even sure what my password is as I have tried to change it so many times.


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Re: can't reset BT mail password

.....and it gets worse when you find that the request password change option states that entered info does not check out with BT's recorded info.......2x 1hour calls's BT's answer.....your mothers maiden name question 'answer' is not the same as when you set up the account. Now I KNOW my mum's maiden name....just like about everybody who has every had to set the 100 or so online accounts we now seem to need. Luck would have it, the Helpdesk lady asked me for another question which agreed with BT records.We then were able to reset password of sub email account, but the problem of the maiden name password could not be reset due to BT policy of only the user being able to reset the security question's answer's.The lady did admit that this is not the first time this had happened to other people.

Now you can guess the need to have an agreeing answer in the first place to change edit your profile question!. 

 note: the second question asked can be edited from BT.COM homepage profile option, but mothers maiden name option is not available from there.

 OK. nearly there, another hour on phone to another lady who finally understood that the maiden name question is the only question the e mail edit/reset options ask for....and cannot be changed from BT.COM profile page..she got permission to tell me the answer they had shown. It bore no relationship to anything i had ever used to set up online accounts....!!!

 I then used this answer under e-mail profile page to change maiden name question to something i would never forget .I chose to use my mum's maiden name....................!!!!!!!!!!!


 now just is case this ever happens to you..first try 'BAKER' as your answer to your mothers maiden name, because it was never my mum's name, but maybe BT put into your settings just in the off chance it is.



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