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cannot opt out of BT WIFI (fon)

I had a new infinity homehub 5 installed a few weeks ago and I immediately checked online if i was opted in , it said I was , so I opted out then and there ,a few days later I checked my router , and it was still active ,it had not been off during the period in question , I went back online and checked once again ,and it said I was opted out ,but the homehub says active and its singing away , I can detect a wifi signal from it from halfway down the street , I now have a catch22 situation . I have tried repeating the steps online and opt ing out ,several times but the homehub is not having it .

I called BT (online chat) ,and after 40 minutes of going over the same ground I lost my cool and hung up .i am all for sending the homehub back and telling BT where to shove it , but this forum sorted another problem for me a few years ago and I thought I would try one last time before calling it a day .

please I dont want to go into the why's or wherefores of my desicion not to have it, I just dont want it ,and aparently I do have that choice . why is there no option to disconnect on the hub settings I cannot fathom .

I would be grateful for any help solving this .

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Re: cannot opt out of BT WIFI (fon)

It can take 3 weeks after you opt out for an update to be sent to your hub

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Re: cannot opt out of BT WIFI (fon)

The BTOpenzone helpdesk, 0800 022 3322, the helpdesk is open 24/7 365 days/year and only deals with enquiries relating to BTOpenzone and BTFon hotspot access.
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Re: cannot opt out of BT WIFI (fon)

It took my hub almost 2 weeks before the opt out option worked, but I did know to wait beforehand so didn't panic 🙂

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