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cant access my BT cloud on Ipad

Not sure if this is my problem too. But I cant access my BT cloud on my ipad. Starting the app I get a banner message

We,ve given the BT cloud a speed upgrade, and we need to prepare your files to take advantage of this. This may take several minutes depending how many files you have, but it only needs to happen once , Its really worth the wait !

 It starts to give a file count being processed but it never finishes it !!!!

I have tried over 30 times to complete this,  each time after it allegedly procoecces anything from 72  to 19000 files an Error window pops up   

we encountered a problem retreiving your file information brom BT cloud. Please click <retry>to restart the process.   


WTF is happening!!??  I need to access cloud mobile a sit has important documemts in off line mode , but cant get into teh app untill it completes this File prearartion  . I have 106GB in my cloud  , Dont BT fully check integrity of new releases before releasing it?   Is this associated to smart folder problem or has anyone else experienced problems getting through this bt cloud app update for Ipad/ tablet. ?  I have infinity 2 connection so BT cant blame that .   any help advice appreciated



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Re: cant access my BT cloud on Ipad

Hi @mdev,


Sorry you're having trouble!


There are only two times when that error message should appear, which is if your iPad loses internet connection or if you navigate away from the BT Cloud app (for instance by launching Safari or if the screen turns off due to inactivity) and then iOS shuts down the BT Cloud background process to save on battery power.


My recommendation would be to check you have good internet connectivity (it sounds like you do), and to then press 'Retry'. While the one-time reindex is happening, I'd not moving away from the screen or letting the screen time out or go black - you can either change the 'screen timeout settings' in your iOS system menu, or just poke it if it looks like it's dimming.


I'll drop you an email to request more details, as you definitely shouldn't be having such a hard time getting it to work, and I'd like to understand what's gone wrong.




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