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cant pay my bill all at once 220.00!

my phone bill is getting higher and higher my latest bill is about 220.00 i am on option1 broadband and eve and weekend calls i think! i have asked for more time to pay the bill half this month and half next  but have had no reply i also asked if there was a way to reduce my bills as they are very high each quarter i wish there was a plan that you pay a set mpnthly amoumt for all services   but no response on that either my phone and internet  are most important to me as  I cant work at present so do I a lot on the internet is this bill high or is this what most customers pay it is costing me on this average about 20 to 25 a week i would be most gratefull if anyone can advise or offer any suggestions and if they have experienced bills of this amount and what they did i desperately am trying to avoid disconnection of my services  but i am struuggling to pay this if bt wont help with time to pay  help!

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Re: cant pay my bill all at once 220.00!

Hi a couple of quick questions

1 is your bill for calls high or is it broadband usage you are being charged for If call you need to look at changing your calling plan to anytime if it is broadband then you would be better of upgrading to option 3 Unlimited broadband It looks to me from your post you are being charged for excess broadband usage if that is the case then an upgrade will stop any further charges
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Re: cant pay my bill all at once 220.00!

If you are getting charged for excess usage, it may be worth asking BT (Forum Mods) if they can waive All or Some of the charges for over- usage providing that you pay the difference for the last quarter plus 1 month or quarter in advance, it's just a suggestion and they may agree to this.


Another suggestion you could try is paying your £220 bill over a 12 month period in installments (£18.33 per month) on top of what you currently pay for your Broadband and Phone package.


Mods contact form:-


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