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changing BB package and speed

Hi all


Quick question -


I have BT infinity 2 and last speed test I did I got 46Meg down and 8 up (ping of 17ms). - running netgear nitehawk routermodem as the wifi is much better that the hub I got with my orig order 2 years ago.


We recently had an engineer come out who reckons that my phone line is connected to a cabinet half a mile away and that I should never have been offered Inf 2 as there's no way of getting near the max speed. Bit miffed with that if it's true as they were keen enough to take my order and took ages to get me connected


The interesting thing is that I live on a new estate and can see the fibre cabinet about 20ft across the road (but we're not connected to it apparently).


Should I drop my plan to std infinity saving £10/month or would BT connect me to the new fibre cabinet - I presume I'd get a faster connection.


Thanks in advance




Anyone else been in thisn situation before


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Re: changing BB package and speed

You won't be swapped to a different cab.

Drop to Infinity 1.
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