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changing provider when in debit with bt, long read

hi, iv been with bt just 8 months, i had signed up for the option 2 package and on the same day of recieving the equipment i found i was unable to use the tv box so i phoned up bt to cancel it as i thought there was a 10 day to decide whether to keep the contract or not, anyway i was  told i couldnt cancel as i would have to pay a cancelation charge. I hadnt even had it 1 day! so now i was forced out to pay £60 for a tv box i didnt want and have never used.

Then the whole nightmare with directdebits started, wernt being taken but not all bts fault as on occasion i had to change the day as i didint have the funds.

now the big problem as started, after some financial difficulties and no only the money i get for my son, i had to cancel my direct debit as i had no money at all, i did pay them £10 as that was all i could manage.

So iv emailed bt explaining the situation and told them i can only pay what i can due to know funds ect for them to email me back and give me an extention of a week to pay the whole bill ( i have to pay every month for the bill at 3 months) by the 29th or im going to be cut off.

now iv found this no help what so ever.

the problem is i only got bt as im studying and need the net and if i get cut off im going to lose my course so know my dilema is as i cant pay all the bill ( i can pay some but it would still mean being cut off) im going to lose my bt and be stuck in debit until i can completly pay or do i go with another provider which is complety cheaper and just pay bt what i can, im really stuck for a solution and can i do this?

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Re: changing provider when in debit with bt, long read

Hi Sarah87,


Welcome to the forum.  I may be able to help you.


Please drop me an email via the 'Contact Us' link in my profile. (click on my name and you will find the link under the "about me" section). Include your BT account details and the link to this thread.




Community ManagerSeanD
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