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connecting to a remote server

Hello, complete novice alert!


I have just got BT HH3.  I work from home and need to connect to a remote server at my office to access files/folders etc.  I have the external IP address (starts with 81.something) and my boss seems to think I need to enable SMB file sharing? either on a fire wall or in the BT HH? We're not big enough to get IT support so I'm at a loss.

If I type the IP address into my "My Computer" I get an error that says the "remote host was pinged but there was no reply".  My colleagues can access it from home using BT but they might have an older HH....  I tried turning off the BT HH3 firewall, I also have AVG security software but I can't justify turning that off...

Any thoughts? Any boxes to untick etc? in plain language please, utter beginner here.


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Re: connecting to a remote server



This type of access is usually done by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  In simple terms you have to login to the VPN before you can access the folders on the remote server. You also need appropriate VPN software installed on your PC.I suggest you ask your colleagues how they access the server and if they use a VPN.  It is unlikely that the HH3 is the root cause of the problem.

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