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connection dropping (orange light)



We have just moved house and a long way from the exchange, we were aware that the internet speed would be slow


BT quoted speeds of 0.5mb – 1.5mb.


Slow internet would be fine but I would say the light on our hub is orange for about 30-40% of the time.  Is this normal as we have such a slow connection speed?


Another issue is the light could be blue but we still have no connection, if we the reset the router the light would be orange after it comes back on. So our down time is more like 50%.

It’s plugged in to the master socket, noisy line test is fine. 


we have had broadband for about 6 weeks now and its always been like this.


logs from router

13:04:08, 04 May.( 66.600000) ETHoA is up - VPI: 0, VCI:35
13:04:08, 04 May.( 66.600000) DSL is up
13:04:06, 04 May.( 65.120000) DSL noise margin: 17.00 dB upstream, 11.60 dB downstream
13:04:06, 04 May.( 64.970000) DSL line rate: 448 Kbps upstream, 896 Kbps downstream
13:03:41, 04 May.( 40.520000) WAN Auto-sensing running.



Any advice please.




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Distinguished Sage
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Re: connection dropping (orange light)

can you enter your phone number and post results - remember to delete number before posting


can you connect to test socket especially if you have extension sockets in other rooms  test socket.jpg

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