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connection issue

Hi all,

Got up this morning and no internet connection. Reset modem and router. modem syncing. has anyone else got problems as i heard bt had an outage yesterday.

Geolocation barnsley
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Re: connection issue

Still no internet or btvision - been told have to wait till 7pm for an update - plugged in homehub and still same
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Not Happy - No Infinity or BT Vision for nearly 24 hours and no update from BT

as the title says not very happy at the moment - having to use mobile to access internet as infinity has been down since early saturday morning (31/03) - logged fault with BT and was told to trust them that the fault would get fixed and i would get a call around 7pm so had to stay in and be available - so 7pm comes and goes and no call arrives from BT.

How can they get away with saying things like that - and does anyone know how long i should have to wait as not very happy there has been no update from BT - they still havent even logged the issue on their service status as i know i'm not the only one affected.

the vdsl is syncing but we're unable to authenicate so we know it's bt fault
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