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connects to openzone but then can't get to landing page



I can find bt openzone on my list of wireless networks, I connect to it and it says it is connected. But then when I open the browser it says "cannot display webpage". If I enter the address for the landing page it still says "cannot display webpage".


What is going wrong? This is really fructrating as I have a 90% signal for openzone and want to use this network but I just can't get anything.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: connects to openzone but then can't get to landing page

There are 2 types of Openzone networks. BT maintained ones that are at hotels and airports and stuff like that. then there are the customer hotspots. These are when a customer is opted into the FON service. If they are opted in, then their Home Hub becomes a hotspot. If the customer has their hub unplugged, or a broadband fault, but their hub is still switched on, you would be able to connect to it wirelessly but you would never get a landing page.


Try going to and typing in your postcode into the hotspot finder. It tells you the location of your nearest BT maintained hotspot. If the closest one to you is over 500 yards away, then chances are, it'll be a Home Hub that you're connected to (the home hub customer hotspots are not shown on the map). In which case, there's not a lot that BT can do about it unfortunately.


If you find that you're right next to a BT hotspot, give the helpdesk a call and they should be able to get the hotspot restarted/fixed for you.

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Re: connects to openzone but then can't get to landing page

I'm having the same issue of seeing and connecting to the Openzone hotspot, but not getting the 'Landing' or 'Login' page.


 So some "Openzone" hotspots may acutually be 'Fon' hotspots?  Usually 'Fon' hotspots show up on my router as 'Fon'. Why would there be Fon hotspots called Fon, and Fon hotspots called 'Openzone'?  Would be nice if the BT Fon based connections stuck to the 'Fon' tag to avoid onvious confusion (ie: Reliability expectations etc).


Anyway, my router software lists Openzone.. (in the past I've been able to connect to this connection, and at the landing page it says: 'BT Business hub'.


Internet explorer 'Cannot display' any webpage, including the landing zones now. This has been going on for about a week, even though my router finds the previously reliable Openzone connection (business hub).


No other browser works either, and my settings / securities are set up in a previously reliable state.


Following from H_Dawgs suggestion, could this be that the business hub has "unplugged" the router for over a week?  Seems unlikely.


So people can connect to an openzone WiFi hotspot that has been "unplugged"? Is this really the most likely diagnosis?


Thanks for your suggestion H_Dawg etc.. Hope more light can be shed on this guys 🙂

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