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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

Same here, if they send me a bill i will copy all the posts from this forum and send them return post, not paying another penny to BT, Sky customer support have been excellent. BT learn a lesson

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

Awful timing, but I'd just found out that as a Sky customer who was separately paying for BT Sport but wondering why it didn't work through the app, that when Sky and BT made an agreement to share services last year, I should have cancelled BT Sport then and moved to buying it through Sky.  Neither organisation informed us of that (even though Sky spam you with 2-3 emails a week).

So I'm now trying to arrange that, but seems impossible.  Not on the Sky side - I got through to speak to them fine after 8 minutes wait, and they already let people pause all sports-related subscriptions (its on their homepage, easy to find), and they arranged to pick up both BT sport and Netflix, adding onto my service, again could be done online zero hassle.

Yet I can't cancel BT Sport.  I don't want to cancel DD as that can get you into all sorts of trouble with credit rating etc, and I suspect it'll be months before anyone looks into any complaint raised.  So they'll just continue to take £42 a month off me for a service I'm not going to use - not because of no sport, but because I've moved to Sky...

I've no issue with the fact their call centres will have been ravaged - frankly I think all should be working at home and manning Live Chat instead with no call centre.  But that in meantime all BT Sport costs should be suspended.

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

I am cancelling my direct debit, let them try anything, just copy all the posts from this forum and send them to BT

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

That's what I'm saying though, BT will have already marked you down as late/non payment, probably for 3-4 months, before anyone ever reads your complaint with your screenshots.  Note this is also a public open forum, not an official means of cancelling services.  I would write them a letter and have it sent recorded delivery - I'm going to try stay on phone as long as it lets me, but if that fails, I'm going the letter route.

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

I have tried on numerous occasions, for the past 3 days to either suspend mt BT Sport package or cancel

I'm not interested in watching endless hours of repeats.

Everybody's Sport Package should be suspended at the present time, until we have live sports transmitted.

Do the right BT.

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport


time has come to cancel direct debit and  say goodbye from all that is BT.

Its diabolical customer service its restrictive moderators who prohibit supply of information that is in the public domain, prevent free speech , allow veiled threats but only if they come from BT employed deflectors and who get all uppity when you criticise them.


So all I will say is  GOOD  RIDDANCE

Sorry you took it that way. All I was doing was trying to open your eyes to what is actually happening out there. Did you not see the guy on Good Morning Britain this morning, a 28 year old marathon runner who is recovering from this disease, now left with liver damage and can only walk 200 metres before he has to rest. This is serious and puts the lack of live sport into insignificance. 

And please remember this is a customer to customer help only forum. The only BT employees are the Mods and they are limited to what they know and can do.

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

Apology accepted. I am well aware of the situation with regard to the virus. I am also well aware that we don't know how long it is going to last. So if people are going to be on possibly reduced income why should it be acceptable to allow  multi billion companies to keep taking payment for a non existent service. Would it be acceptable normally? Why not allow  people to get their finances on the right track early instead of have to dig later. I understand the issue is not about the sport.

I know people will say  if they can't afford it they shouldn't buy it, but they could afford it until the current circumstances took hold.

The issue is that BT are dragging its feet by not putting in place an easy option allowing people to cancel. I bet they don't hang about if a bill isn't paid.

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

Yes BT's CS has always been a nightmare, but it seems they are now giving up to 3 months free subscription, although by phone only.

I'm really nervous about this virus, my wife is in the "at risk" category, so I'm trying to get some shopping in, which isn't easy at the moment, while also worrying about bringing the bl***y disease home. I get frustrated at how people seem totally unaware of what they're doing and end up spreading the bl***y thing.

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

But they do not answer the phones, i have spent the best part of 5 hours in total trying to get through, its a joke

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

People who say they’re cancelling their direct debit tho. Obviously haven’t got a clue about how finances work. You people actually think if you do it BT will think oh forget him then. Omg. 😂😂😂😂😂 credit score? Court? Bailiffs? I could go on.