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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

In that case I'd suggest calling in & speaking to them then

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

Under Consumer Rights Act 2015, chapter 4, they withdrew their Live Sport services and therefore you are not obligated by any of the terms of notice - they withdrew service without notice, as their provision no longer meets the definition/description you signed up for.
Hence, nobody should be paying cancellation fees.  You may have to pay the rest of the month of service in which you terminate, but even then you'd have a fair argument not to.

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

See in that statement who is the "they" you are referring to? It wasn't BT that withdrew it the leagues etc did so I'd assume they're doing it as a GOGW

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

They wouldn't dare issue a late/missed payment or default on anyone's credit file under these circumstances. 

The damage they would do to themselves and their reputation would be irreparable. 

People are genuinely struggling financially so what other option does Joe public have but to cancel the D/D to avoid paying for something that BT sport can no longer provide a service for and more importantly is currently unaffordable in these exceptionally difficult times?


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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

@garybs29  BT Sport, through no real fault of their own, are not providing the agreed service.  Hence under the Consumer Rights Act you are not beholden to any notice period for terminating supposed service.

To add further context, Sky Sports are already adhering to this - or offering people to entirely pause payment via quick online method.

Bear in mind the TV companies already stopped the payments to the sports leages in March.  AFL started and played 1 round of games, but through their distribution franchise BT already cut off payments to the international rights holder, so they're actually due money.  But the TV money for the remainder of the EPL won't be paid.  
They stopped paying for the Live Sport - so there's no reason customers should.

To my original point about voiding of termination notice, this is same principle as you asking for a kitchen to be fitted, it not being done but the excuse being that the kitchen fitter's sparky was off sick.  3 weeks later, still no kitchen, and they don't know when the sparky would be back.  You wouldn't be expected to have to pay them if you cancelled and found someone else to do the work.

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

Hence the form online for 2 months free now. I might put forward a suggestion for BT to stop all non live sports programming as it appears nobody is watching them

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

@garybs29ironically I am actually watching BT Sport - I only cancelled because I'd found out that I should have switched to subscribing to it via Sky, as you don't get the full Apps functionality unless you do that.  Which also works out cheaper than paying for BT for HD and multi-room.  But I imagine I am in the minority.
I was just pointing out people's rights; I used to be a complaints manager and was sent to be trained at the same time as the Trading Standards shut and they moved it into Citizens Advice, so I got a pretty thorough intro to how consumer rights works across many things.  Although to be honest you can learn all this stuff by watching Martin Lewis!

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

I'm aware of people's rights. Ironically BT will probably just cancel with no charges etc to save the negative press as it's written into the t & c's that content can change at anytime but it'll be easier for them to do the refunds etc instead

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport



I cancelled my account back in January ... I have been receiving a bill since and am still receiving a bill ... each time I manage to work out how to get through and finally do get through they tell me Its cancelled but I still keep receiving a bill !!! Quite possibly the worst subscription service ever

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Re: contacting BT to cancel BT Sport

So what is your question ?

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