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death of non-account holder

Following the recent passing of my Father-in-law i'm in the process of trying to get a few things in order and reduce outgoings for my Mother-in-law.

The account for BT fibre and phone are in her name, but he had set it up and they were paying around £70 total per month. The contract had been renewed around November last year.

When i spoke to BT customer services, they advised the contract would still stand as it wasnt the account holder that had passed. However, financially he had a stable work pension that meant they could afford it - but this unfortunately has now changed.

Is there any standing to reduce the package in these circumstances? She still wants broadband and phone, but when i spoke to customer services they didnt seem to want to help??


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Re: death of non-account holder

Because the contract is in your Mother in Laws name the information that the Customer Service adviser as regards the contract still standing is correct. 

Having said that, it may be possible under the circumstance to "downgrade" her package but this would  probably need her to cancel the "old" package and enter into a new contract with the "new" package. This will almost certainly incur cancellation charges for the amount outstanding on the "old" package.

I think you should call BT on 0800.800.030 and ask for the Retention's Department. Explain the situation to them and they may be able to do something to help.   

It may take a while to get through on the phone so be prepared for a long wait.

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