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delete emails

I know this question has been ask before but looking to see if there is a new solution   to new email format how do i delete multiple emails. all I can do is 50 at a time by ticking the the top box

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Re: delete emails

I have now manged to speed up the time it was taken to delete my emails  (as well as the time it was taken for emails to load). Hopefully it will stay that way.

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Re: delete emails

This new email set up is absolutely dire - it is a crock of ****!    

Trying to delete emails, I can select a block of emails so long as they are all together, but then if I need to skip an email and carry on selecting more emails, it immediately de-selects the ones first selected!   

Then sometimes I'll click on an email and it will select one several lines down, this can be random, it might be 2 lines down or 10 lines down.    

I have noticed some emails are appearing twice in succession, if you delete the 1st one it goes, but then if you select the next one you get an error message saying you have already deleted it and refresh your screen.  

Then to move an email into a folder, its about 3 clicks to go to where you want, before it was 1.

Whoever set this lot up needs firing - it is dire and useless and I'm really p=====d off.   BT,  get this sorted, fast, please!

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Re: delete emails

Drag and drop your emails to your folders or if moving more than one email to the same folder, select them by ticking the box on the left the select the "more" button in menu bar then "move" and choose the folder where you want move them to.

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Re: delete emails

I had the same problems, after trying everything possible and not resolving the issue I spoke to BT  they asked a few questions.  They could find no problems with my connection however they reset my hub from their end, it was a bit better.  However a hour or so later it was much better still having some problems when selecting more than 50 emails. However when I selected 50 emails clicked delete I could then click  another 50 right away and delete them.  Ended up deleting thousands in a very sort time  I could not do this before hub reboot. So it may be worth trying to restart the hub  (not factory reset). 

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Re: delete emails

I should also add the speed of downloading my emails has also improved.
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