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digital phone line

I received emails and letters telling me my landline would go digital on the 22nd November.

Well nothing happened.

I have gone to BT chat to be told that my lines are half fibre so can't be digital ??


Is my landline going digital or is it not?

Certainly not on the 22nd November it didn't

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Re: digital phone line

BT advisors appear to be clueless about Digital Voice. It doesn't matter how your broadband is delivered, Digital Voice is being rolled out for everyone. If you have broadband, Digital Voice will work, it's just BT's proprietary version of VOIP (voice over IP).

I'm unable to comment on your individual timescale for transfer.

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Re: digital phone line

you will know when moved to DV as your landline will no longer work connected to the master socket and if you check hub manager you should see your phone number which should be blue and not greyed out

your existing phone will then work connected to phone socket on back of SH2

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