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dire speed

I have patiently waited out my 10 days of BT broadband since signing up


I used to get up to 3mB with previous ISP - BT say should get 2.5, so thats the same


But - I am still only getting 0.1mB - I have had this all through the 10day period


How do I get this sorted - India seem to not be much help at all





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Re: dire speed

Hello Simonp,


The best thing to do is usually to gather the ADSL stats from your HomeHub :, then A-Z (in the top right), then ADSL settings. Post the whole lot into this message.


Next, you should run a speedtest, using BT's own speedtester:


Post the whole result into this message.


One of the Guru's might then be able to help or advise you.


Hope this helps,

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Re: dire speed

Hi mate, what router you got?? I got same the problem. i'm getting download speeds of 0.5mb (all through 10 day period) Before I was getting 3.5mb No one at BT care's mate, Ive been lied to so many times. They get you by the **bleep** and f*#k you over, I should never have come back. ( I was with BT when I was getting 3.5mb it dont make sense) Chris
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Re: dire speed

Hello ChrisLoz,


It might be a good idea start a new Forum post with the same stats. The community here is very good at fixing faults and if they can't help you the Mods can.



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Re: dire speed

standard issue bt home hub
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Re: dire speed

ADSL Line Status
Connection Information
Line state:Connected
Connection time:0 days, 00:15:55
Downstream:128 Kbps
Upstream:64 Kbps
ADSL Settings
Modulation:G.992.1 Annex A
Latency type:Fast
Noise margin (Down/Up):32.3 dB / 31.0 dB
Line attenuation (Down/Up):37.7 dB / 20.0 dB
Output power (Down/Up):7.1 dBm / 3.7 dBm
FEC Events (Down/Up):0 / 0
CRC Events (Down/Up):0 / 0
 This Test comprises of Best Effort Test: -provides background information.

 Download  Speed
 43 Kbps
0 Kbps2000 Kbps
Max Achievable Speed

 Download speedachieved during the test was - 43 Kbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 400-2000 Kbps.
 Additional Information:
 Your DSL Connection Rate :128 Kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 64 Kbps(UP-STREAM)
 IP Profile for your line is - 2000 Kbps

This test was not conclusive and further testing is required.This might be useful for your ISP to investigate the fault.

If you wish to carry out further tests,please click on 'Continue' button.If not, please close the window using 'Exit' button and contact your ISP for further assistance with these results.

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Re: dire speed

Hello Simon,


You have a lot of noise on your line (Noise margin should ideally be 6 and yours is 32!) . You should plug your HomeHub directly into the test socket, removing the front faceplate of your BT master socket. You will need a small screwdrive to remove the two screws on the front plate, Then run the test again with nothing attached apart from the Homehub.


This eliminates all the house wiring and possibly dicky extension leads etc. If it makes a difference, then you know you have a problem with your wiring. If it doesn't make a difference, then Openreach may be able to help.....


You can also try plugging a corded phone into this test socket and dialling 17070 , then option 2. This is the quiet line test. You shouldn't hear any whistles/pops/squeaks.


Hope this helps.

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Re: dire speed

OK - will try


Strange thing is why have I had many years of untroubled broadband speed (although low anyway in the countryside) then the minute I go to BT - its worse - I havent changed any wiring or anything at home?



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Re: dire speed

Hi as tommybobbins has said try all the things he ha suggested and get back to us unfortunately faults can develop and there are many things we can try to solve your problems