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dropping speed due to sync

Hi. I had some issues in my house with my broadband. Turned out the wiring was not ideal and so an engineer came. When he left he told me my line at the point of my router was syncing at 33mbps and so a big improvement over my previous situation of 20 mbps.


I checked this and i found it was approx 32mbps. Great


Then 4 days ago i restarted the modem and now I am down to 27mbps. This doesn't sound like a big deal but when you are limited entirely by sync speed it makes a big difference. I should not when it was 32mbps I was constantly getting a speed of 30, and when 27 i constantly get a speed of 25. the speeds are stable just the sync kills it. i can't figure out why (a) it would change and (b) why it would be lower than what my line is rated it


Is there anything I can do? nothing seems to have changed.


i have posted stats for both the original and now modem configurations from the logs





after restart.PNG

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