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email Inbox

My mail Inbox list is suddenly only showing mails from the last 2 days. All the others (some 200 or so) have been replaced with blank bars, but only to the bottom of the page. I also cannot delete ant mails in my Inbox by ticking the box/delete. Every time I click the box the email opens up on the screen. What has happened?

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Re: email Inbox

Hi @phil2602, are you using an email client or webmail? If you're using webmail can you try clearing your cookies and cache or use another web browser to see if its happening on that? 

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Re: email Inbox

You have to excuse my lack of knowledge here. I access my email through the BT website which directs me to yahoo mail. How do I clear my cookies and cache? I use Edge as a browser. Any help gratefully receved. Thanks.Phil

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Re: email Inbox

To clear your history and cookies:- Open your Edge browser and if you look at the top right hand corner you will see three dots. Click on it and scroll down to "History" click on it and the click on "Clear browsing data". Select "All Time" in the time range drop down box then click "clear now".

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