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email login on homepage

Hi Sean & Co,

Please pass on the news that the email 'button' on the homepage (top right corner) has failed. I had to use Google to find the login screen and by-pass this screen.

Sorry can't include screenshot as it includes HTML








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Re: email login on homepage

It would not appear to be a general fault.

Does the email button at the top of this page work for you?

Try clearing the history and cookies from your browser.

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Re: email login on homepage

Hi. Not tried deleting history & cookies yet. Same issue yesterday different PC , was then trying to get to a different (secondary) email address and again this am. In both cases rest of internet appears OK and 'wrong clicking' email button opens window to include reload [used/ tried that]. Use term 'wrong click', as 1 PC set for a LH person
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Re: email login on homepage

Hi @CanalDigger,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 

As @gg30340 has mentioned this doesn't seem to be a general fault. I have tested on 3 devices and it loads fine for me.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?



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Re: email login on homepage

Certainly had some similar issues yesterday 18th, at one point nothing on the home page was working on google chrome browsers. I tried incognito mode to rule out extension issues then switched to trying a couple (vivaldi, opera) of other browsers where it also failed as well and then it seemed to eventually come back ok. I just assumed it was BT making front end changes and reloading was problematic. (The BT.COM screen did seem to change but again not sure how or why as usually only use it to get to eMail.

I was going to flag this up but as it righted itself felt it was bad enough nothing ever getting fixed in the BTeMail system so probably wasn't worth it to mention it. 

When it was not working the menu items on page did not work (No underlines or actions etc). In fact at one point in chrome (Latest version) nothing on the page worked. As the op says all other sites were working ok on all browsers tested. Has not seemed to be an issue since or today though.

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Re: email login on homepage

Also nothing in the blue header on the homepage works for me. Can access my account and emails by googling but only the "Ad" one works and on the original page can log in further down the page - but it just disappears into the ether when pressing enter. 

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Re: email login on homepage

Its broken at the moment on some browsers, vivaldi, chrome, edge you name it if one types it seems to point to

which is broken but looks like the normal bt screen but is not completing and subsequently not reacting correctly none of the links work at present as op have commented

Does seem to work on firefox

Some browsers seem to convert to but not always.

@Matt-S this seems to be perhaps a server/instance that is not converting correctly just a thought. Firefox seems to work this time but not sure if its a local broswer conversion/ storage issue. Failing on a lot of browsers though.

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Re: email login on homepage

Using the link you have posted, all the buttons/links work fine for me and Chrome, Opera, Edge and Firefox as does typing

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Re: email login on homepage

Bit odd that it still does not not work on 2 machines now using chrome entered into my laptop running windows 10 as opposed to my day time machine running windows 7 (Shouldn't be an issue anyway) If I use edge its okay and converts to correctly but chrome on the w10 laptop immediately converts to and the screen does not complete. Both machine are running most recent chrome.

I cleared all the cookies for on the w7 machine but still it will not convert correctly to get a correct screen. I'm flummoxed thankfully I have a backup in my bookmarks links.

For ref chrome is Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Also just got the wife upstairs to try her laptop using chrome and it fails on there too.

She typed in and no links worked on the expected screen, before did her system came up with as she was typing so I go her to remove that back to Thing is with /email in the link it worked ok with the email link underlined the links were active. As I say just using it seems to me the routing is not working correctly but not at our end.

So I reiterate using does not work currently on all of our machines. We are in trowbridge, wiltshire if it helps in case we are being routed by different servers to those that do work.

I tried also using google search for and it came up correctly - i thought but it might fail and it did. I wonder if i were to change my ip address it might actually fix it. perhaps there are groups of servers across the country that are not being updated all at the same time when bt makes changes to the front pages. does seem to give a usable page where the email link works still looks a bit odd when clicking it and getting the login on a white background but it does work when does not.

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Re: email login on homepage

I am still having this issue using both Edge or Firefox on my Windows 10 PC. The page worked for a brief time on Saturday but has returned with the email button and other header buttons not working on the homepage.

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