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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: email printing problems

When you try to print the email in Internet Explorer using the actions button within the email page, do you get a pop up box with the email in it and a print button?

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Re: email printing problems

I have the same problem using IE10 with Win7/64.  I can print everything from IE10 except BTyahoo email content; I can print all webpages, even the list of emails in the inbox, but cannot print the detail with an email due to a script error.  The same issue also occurs in Windows Live Mail.


I have reset IE10, I have also run the IE repair program which resets a number of DLLs. Disabling all add-ons doesn't resolve.


I can print from emails in other webmail services - rather proves that it is a BTyahoo issue............


My conclusion is that it IS a BT Yahoo problem - call India and they are typically useless as most folks know.


How does one get BTyahoo to address this problem without going through useless hoops?

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