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email problem

Had problems most of today with loading my emails, lets me log in eventually, then nothing there in my in box which there should be, obviously another issue with BT mail, apart from the fact BT mail is excessively slow to load nowadays

I am using my desktop and have also tried my laptop still the same, anyone else having issues please?

 When eventually get logged in and click on in box it loads then comes up with a box saying Error this request could not be completed?

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Problem with email

I am seeing a serious problem with email - IMAP and web mail. It is taking minutes to synchronise folders in IMAP (using Outlook) and web mail is taking a considerable time to load folders and the like. Effectively it is unusable. Been like this for around 20 minutes.



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Re: Problem with email

I see there are now several recent reports coming in on Downdetector echoing my problem with BT email.
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Re: email problem

Yes, I posted about this before you did ("Problem with email") There are now numerous people on Downdetector posting about BT mail being down for them and they come from various parts of the country.
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Re: email problem

Hello Howard sorry yes just seen your post, hope this gets sorted soon. Jules

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Re: email problem

Hi Everyone,

I'm really sorry to see you're experiencing problems accessing your BT email. We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you should still be able to access your BT email via an email client as these should not be affected.



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Re: email problem

I am also experiencing BT E-mail problems for at least the past hour. In Cheshire.

Cannot access incoming e-mails, nor able to send any , message : Unexpected Error, after waiting an eternity .

Very frustrating.  Thanks for any  answer to this problem. Using Desktop.

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Re: email problem

Hi Neil, good to hear the problem is being looked at! I normally access email via IMAP in Outlook and it is now taking several minutes to synchronise folders. In fact it was because of this that I checkeded out web mail where I discovered it was even worse.
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Re: email problem

Me too, I apparently have 38 emails in my inbox and no way of accessing them. Plus it has been painfully slow recently as others have said. Must be a general BT problem (quelle surprise), wish I could go to another provider but as I live in a rural area they have a virtual monopoly. Fast fibre is a dream around here. Never really had any problems when I lived in Kent and had Virgin as the provider, very fast and efficient. BT however is hopeless, it's hard to believe that the UK has the fifth biggest economy in the world and a generally rubbish major internet provider.

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Re: BT Mail excessively slow

Again this afternoon very slow & struggles to open stnd email. Other sites working fine so it is not anything else other than email side of things. Email ver 2.20.2 & was reasonable (other issues already mentioned) until today.

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