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email problems and the incompetence of BT call centres

How come one can come on this forum and read threda after thread of people complaining about intermitant email problems yet when you ring the call centre you are fobed off with the usual excsue that it is your settings that are the problem.


For me, it was only after wasting 30 minutes of my time, in which the memebr of the 'technical' team tried to look at my settings, this involved him entering the wrong information on several occasions and needing to be corrected by myself. That the person admitted that there had been a problem.


What is interetsing is that I explained that i receive emails through my Ipad and sometimes collect by BT Yahoo, as well as my PC, none of which were working and all of which require the setting to lon on to the serever to be set individually, I also made it quite clear that was an intermitant problem, but that today it had lasted 8 hours. Yet still we went this through redicilous rigmorole of playing with the settings on my PC - why?


The gentlemen then admitted there was a problem with BT yahoo, so very unimpressed I asked to speak to the complaints department. I was put through to a 'manager' and I use that term guardedly because he was no more competent then the first person I spoke to. He said that perhaps his colleugue had failed to check the system status recently, I suggest that he had not chceked it for at least 8 hours as that is how long my emial has been down today! This man then began the fob of speech, refusing to put me through to someone who would help and saying he had all the authority to help me, afetr several questions it became clear he had no authroity whatsoever, he could not talk about bills, he could even get me the details of the complaints department in Durham, apparently it deos not exist!


Anyway I am sharing my story to see if anyone thinks that the call centre that BT farm their work out to are entirely incompetent and are seriously in need of some training, the first thing they need to do is actually listen to the customer and not begin the decision tree they think roughly addresses the problem.


'ah email'


step 1 - click 'email connection problem'


step 2 - check settings


It just might be that some of us do actually know what we are talking about, and have had experience setting up call centers so we know hoe they work.


Please, please allow us to speak to people who will help us with our problem it is the only way you will retain customers in a competive telecommunications sector.  


Just stop fobbing us off with the line, 'it must be your settings' but admit you have a problem and get it fixed!!


Ironically as I type 'fixed' yet another 0x800ccc92 falshes up on screen, showing that my issues still remain unresolved.

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Re: email problems and the incompetence of BT call centres

Hi Cross_Bug. 

First of all i too know how frustrating it can be being put through to some one who is less than compitent with there job. However with the steps that they do it is required before they can use any other protocols so unfortunately you would just have to bare with them. 

Second of all if you would like to write in to complaint about a certain product or service, then you can do so in writing to our corespondence center the adress is as follows; 

BT Correspondence Centre
Providence Row
DH98 1BT

Other alternatives for complaints are e-mailing in through the website via webform.,5645 They aim to give a reply within 24-48 hours of receiving the form and will aim to do so satisfactory. 

I hope i have been informative and it aids into the problem being fixed for yourself. 


If this answer has helped please mark it up 🙂
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Re: email problems and the incompetence of BT call centres

I have written a complaint about the call centre previously, both by the webform and to the address you give, neither of which has been responded to yet. Hence I making my compliant in public wondering if someone will please help me!


As to stepping through the process, yes I know that to be the case, however I also know the steps they were taking were irrelvant following the statements I clearly made at the beginning of my call. However i would put up with that if I finally got my issue resolved, or I was just given some information about what is happening and how long I can expect these outages to continue.


What angers me is that the call center staff simply are dishonest int he way they deal with you, they simply giove the answer they think best satisfies once they have to go off the flow chart I want to speak to qualified staff who have a helpful attitude, if they know less then the customer what is the point in dealing them, if they have no avenues to resolve your issue what is the point in speaking to them?

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Re: email problems and the incompetence of BT call centres

Another morning without email, and another 18 hours within respone from BT!


Man up and admit you have a problem and get it sorted, this level of ineptitude is unacceptable, and does even qualify for the term 'bad service.' Indeed the way things stand at the moment I will not use the word 'service' to discribe anything BT does.


Webforms, letters, forums, where do I have to go to get someone from BT to respond and address my issues?  


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Re: email problems and the incompetence of BT call centres

I have had exactly the same problems with the call centre- whilst no expert, I can apply logic to the problem, and when you have the same issue across a PC running outlook 2003/windows XP, a PC running outlook 2010/windows 7(absolutely fresh out of the box, settings courtesy of the set-up tool on BT's broadband help desk thingy) and an Ipad, it does suggest a server problem. Now, after 3 months of rubbish from the help-line, and their absolute disinterest- I had the same issue with trying to speak to a customer service/ complaints manager. So I did some research with trading standards and OfCom. And this is a summary:- Despite what the ombudsman service (yes I talked to them too) will tell you- BT's responsibility does not end with the broadband connection. Both trading standards and OfCom consider the email facility to be part of the contracted service. So if it is not available, due to a BT issue, and BT do not use their best efforts to resolve it. It is a loss of service, for which compensation can be considered. And according to trading standards- the complaints procedure should be easy to access, by a variety of methods, Including phone, mail and email. There are legally laid down time limits, in which to respond and resolve the issues! Interestingly, the OfCom advisor told me that, if enough people complained to them, they would consider enforcement action. So........
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