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email servers with BT Yahoo email

Although web mail works with no problems I prefer to use a mail server so I can see all of my emails in one place.

This has worked fine until recently when a couple of things happened, I use thunderbird and the one built into Windows 10.


First one of my emails looked as though it was working and said no mail (Windows 10) but there were emails which could be seen on thunderbird.

Today it got worse both windows 10 and thunderbird would no connect to my main email address again OK with web mail. This time I got an option to fix on Windows mail by entering my password (it made no difference) with thunderbird I got an error which said  "Login to server with username failed."

I am on bt yahoo as I was never changed to BT mail.

Has anyone any suggestions to get a mail server working?

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Re: email servers with BT Yahoo email

Unfortunately, the only answer is to do nothing and wait for the problem to fix itself. Do not make any changes to your mail clients.

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Re: email servers with BT Yahoo email

Thank you,

You were almost right, my main email address is now working on both mail servers.

However one of my other email addresses is only working with thunderbird with Windows 10 it still seems to work but will neither send or receive emails.

I am more worried about the second problem as I have no way of knowing if there are any emails or not.

If mail servers are going to act up like that I will probably have to go back to web mail so I don't miss any critical emails.

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