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end of contract

My contracts up in few weeks , am currently paying £33 for just Internet and telephone (which I never use ) , does anyone know if I can pay roughly the same monthly and get some television channels? I'm sure with virgin and talk talk for £30+ I can get a lot better deals , ive no outside aerial or line in My bedroom (where I watch most TV) and I'm not paying £100+ to get a new line or aerial installed.... Will they offer me some deal to get me to sign another contract? Do I have any leverage with BT seeing I'm a loyal customer..Cheers 4 advice guys
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Re: end of contract

You can always get a better deal when your minimum contract is about to run out (or after it's run out).  It's just a case of phoning and asking.  Arm yourself with information on what the other providers are offering.


Make sure you know what you want/need, so you don't get bamboozled into a special deal on a service you don't need anyway.


BT Vision or YouView are going to be of limited use without a TV aerial.  They are essentially Freeview recorders with the BT Vision on-demand stuff as an extra.  Without the aerial, you'd be limited to watching the on-demand stuff, and the new additional channels that BT will be offering some time later this year.

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