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ethernet cable

i connect via an ethernet cable with my bt home hub,the speed tests return ok but my pc is very slow responding on the internet.i have noticed the ethernet cable flashing where it is plugged into the back of the tower,is this normal?i am not sure whether it is a broadband issue or a pc issue.the web pages are forever crashing and take forever to load.


                   many thanks m cooper

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Re: ethernet cable

If there is a single LED, then its normal for it to flash. If there are two LEDS, one should be steady (link), and the other should be flashing (data).

It sounds like a PC problem. If you are using Internet Explorer, delete all of the temporary Internet files, and change the amount of space reserved for those file, to 10MB.

You could also try a different web browser, like Firefox.


It also worth checking for malware by downloading a program called Malwarebytes.


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Re: ethernet cable

As well as running the free version of the program Malwarebytes that Keith has suggested you could also run ADWCleaner which will pick up anything that Malwarebytes misses.


You should also check your Internet browser to see what toolbars and addons have been added to it. If you are using Internet Explorer you can check by going to the menu bar and clicking on "Tools" > Manage add ons > and check each of the sections. If there is anything there that you did not put there or want you should disable it.


Another thing to check is do you have BTDesktop Help installed. If you do you should unistall it. It is not needed on you computer and can cause problems.


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