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eventvwr scam

Had a call today from someone claiming to be from BT. Wife picked up and put me on. Ironically the wireless had been dropping a lot that morning so when they said had identified problems with the broadband it made sense. I was suspicious but went along for a short while. Ran the eventvwr which of course logs some problems as it does. She then put me through to someone else, I imagine this is where they would try gain remote access etc. By this point I knew it was a certain scam anyway having searched online and I ended the call. They tried calling back a few times and were more aggressive. Just posting to make people aware. I would never have given remote access but I can see how people could be conned by this one, as they try to "show" you the errors and it goes from there. The number that called me was 01723 214 889.

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Re: eventvwr scam

It was good to end the call and not let them access your computer 

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**** eventvwr scam 24th June 2020

Hi Guys,

I received a weird call today  saying all the devices at home could be hacked, the person claimed he was from BT.

There was nothing that sounded legitimate them moment I picked up call, the individual's accent was a HUGE giveaway!

Please be weary, just hangup!

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Re: eventvwr scam

I have just had a call from an Asian sounding engineer from Microsoft about all the horrible bad programs they have discovered, infecting my computer, put there by people from overseas. He told me he was there to help. I thanked him, and he asked me to switch on my computer. Then he said he would get his supervisor. 

Long story short, he wanted me to do the EVENTVWR thing in the run box, which I managed to spin out for over 10 minutes. Then he asked me to read what had come up. When I told him it said "Be careful, some scammy **bleep** from overseas is trying to get access to your computer", he hung up.

That's a good 20 minutes during which they couldn't con anybody else.

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Re: eventvwr scam

I just had the same call. Lasted 10 minutes because I had actually reported speed problems with my connection, so the call was not completely unexpected.

Ran me through doing a speed test. They said "your ping should always be less than 6ms" which sounds wrong. I am on a 900down/100 up fiber connection, so 6ms doesn't sound impossible, but not "always". It was also odd that they didn't mention my download speed (200Mbps when the guaranteed should be 450Mbps), or the upload speed (9Mbps when the guaranteed should be 50??).

What followed was a jargon word salad of security, firewall, internet errors, corruption of files, etc.

I got the name Mark Wilson (thick Indian accent) and a number to call him back on.  The number they called from was 01202 etc. I told them I was busy and would call them back. They just called me again 2-3 minutes later as I write this post.

Another scam giveaway is the 2-3 second pause after answering before the other person starts talking.

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