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ewallet for buying a data bundle

I went to top up as instructed in the past to try and buy and data bundle. I pressed the top up page entered my details and £10 was deducted from my card. This went on as a monetary amount and did not last two days. I then phoned the free phone to ask for a data bundle and the man on the phone said it had gone through and when I looked he had topped up and not processed a data bundle. On complaining as it was now £20 monetary values and was then given a welcome bundle and an apology. The email I got back is still telling me to click on topup.

Can anyone tell me do I top up in this way and then buy a data bundle after I have topped. As I am going round in circles trying to fathom this out. All I want to know is do I top up and then do a data bundle as if I click on buy data bundle it then tells you funds are insufficient. I have the welcome bundle and also £9.96 in my account the  amount being from trying to buy a data bundle. Can someone please give me a fools guide step by step of what to do.


I don't want this stress  next time when I need to buy a bundle again. Would I just be able to top the £9.96 up to £10 and then buy a bundle.


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Re: ewallet for buying a data bundle

Hi Julia,


Information on how to buy usage bundles is available here, have you tried this and was it successful?




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