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fault on landline

On 07/11 i reported a fault on my online and it was answered immediately saying that the estimated fix time would be 09/11.Every day since the fix time has been moved a further day forward and is now 13/11.Ihave received no communication from them at all in this time.i now want to talk to somebody but i cannot find a phone number on BT website.It just seems to me as if they are trying to wear me down but i'm not giving up.Anyone got a freephone number for me to ring them or any other advice.Thanks


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Re: fault on landline

Helpdesk number is 0800 800 150 but chances are you'll be on hold for some considerable time

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Re: fault on landline


Welcome to this user forum.

You should be able to track the progress of your fault by logging into MyBT, and choosing the option to track the progress of a fault.

It would be in hand with Openreach, who may be having problems repairing your line

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Re: fault on landline

Thanks a lot.i'll give them a try.When I was young BT or whatever it was called then,i forget,was a very well repected company and a pleasure to deal with but over the last two or three years it has become a chore to deal with them.I got rid of my broadband with them about three years ago having got total dissatisfaction from them and last month i got rid of BT Sports so now i've only got my landline with them,Thank God.


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